Robotics Team 2225

Student Information

Interested in Joining? Come check out on of our Meetings: Thursday 2:35 – 3:45 Room A112

Season Schedule

  • Pre – Season (Sept – Dec)
    • We meet once a week on Thursday 2:35 – 3:45 Room A112
  • Build Season
    • Sat January 7th – Kickoff
      • Drive up to Becker to watch the Game Drop with other teams
      • Brainstorm for our general robot design
    • Weeks Following Kickoff – Build Season (Jan & Feb)
    • Team works on designing robot
    • Fabricating of robot takes place
    • Once robot it complete, testing begins
  • Post Build /Competition Season
    • March 30th, 31st & April 1st – Competition
    • Team travels to the U of M for a 3 day competition


You can do just about anything in the robotics team! Here are some of the most important roles that you might find yourself doing when you join!

  • Mechanical – the team that works on building the robot. Builds all the different systems throughout the robot along with the different components that allow the robot to work
  • Programming – programs the robot’s movement and it’s various functions along with a self driving mode as needed
  • CAD (3D Modeling) – crucial aspect of the design process throughout the season to visualize and test different aspects of the robot before they are actually built
  • Electrical – manage everything from the wires to the different systems throughout the robot. Also constructs the electrical components of the robot that allow it to function
  • Woodworking – every year, we need new field elements. Woodworking team builds these field components using the blueprints released at kickoff
  • Media – photography and filming is one of the most important roles! These people work on out reach and helps share the teams progress.