TEAM 2225

Who is Team 2225?

Our team was created in 2007, when students from our school wanted to create a program where they could gain experience in STEM related activities and work together with experienced mentors in various fields. Since our creation, we have helped 200+ students in their mission to advance their understanding of Robotics and have been able to participating in Worlds in 2018.

Community Impact

As a robotics team, and more specifically a FIRST team, we look to uphold the standards set upon us, both in competition and outside of it. We as a team strive to be the best versions of ourselves and work with other teams, in competition and outside of it. Along with this we look to provide students a chance to build and compete with a robot designed by themselves, work along engineers, learn to use professional hardware and software, develop skills useful in any job, and work with a team to complete a common goal. All of this adds up to individuals who are more likely to work in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) related field and have the ability to qualify for $80 million of college scholarships provided by FIRST.